wizards of waverly place season 4 episode 29

Harper makes cards which customers get hole punched each time they buy a sandwich; when you get 9 hole punches, they get a free sandwich.

Then, a spell book opens and footage of Max (Jake T. Austin) and Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone) appear. Then Alex apologizes to Harper using the puppets. Harper gets mad and decides to do a show of her own and makes her puppets act like the way Alex treats her. Alex thinks nothing of it and proceeds to enjoy the day at the beach, but comes close to life-threatening situations multiple times. Meanwhile, Max sets up traps in the Sub Station for the "government", but ends up falling for one of them. With paparazzi in tow, Chase Riprock visits the lair to congratulate Alex. In the episode "Everything's Rosie for Justin", Justin falls in love with Rosie, a guardian angel, but at the end of "Dancing with Angels" she becomes an Angel of Darkness. Professor Crumbs, proud of Justin's integrity in telling the truth, declares that he is going to retire as Headmaster of Wiz-Tech and declares Justin the new headmaster, granting him full wizard powers. Alex explains to Harper that the fairy tale has to run as it's supposed to before things can go back to the way they were and then vanishes.

Maxine uses her charming cuteness to convince the customers to not exploit her parents.

(the Russos accidentally end up in 1977 twice in the episode, thanks to Justin). They make it back, only to discover that they have been gone too long and have been disqualified from the competition. They meet again, but this time they end up watching a 16-hour play together. Gorog then makes Felix send a black whole to suck Alex and Justin in it. Alex and Harper are going to their apartment when they run into Mr. Laritate, who also lives in the hotel. The rest of the wizarding world doesn't exactly take well to it. They cast spells on Maxine, Justin using the spell he used on Max that turned him into Maxine, and Alex using the reverse spell. Max replaces Zelzar, and Justin is forced to drive the beach-goers away from the machine (as Max gives out silly fortunes about his new facial hair); meanwhile, the girls help Zelzar fancy his day at the beach. He tricks Hugh Normous into becoming one of the evil wizards in his army. Ultimately they fight against the leader of the Dark Angels, Gorog, by using the mythical Power of Three.

During a dinner that Alex made for the family, Professor Crumbs visits to reveal that with this selfless act, the Russo children can finally have their family wizard competition. Mason then turns into a werewolf and eats Dean. When Alex gets bored of Zeke's failing magic tricks, she decides to use magic to make Zeke's tricks come true. Dexter is showing a zombie to the hall for magical creatures while he introduces them to Alex and Harper.

Wanting to thank Harper, Alex uses Mr. Laritate's lucky life-saving hula girl figurine, Leilani, for luck, as Mr. Laritate does. When Rosie and Justin kiss, Rosie turns into a good angel (with white wings), and Justin loses the dark wings. From the episode, "Three Maxes and a Little Lady", Max turns into a girl due to a spell defect and becomes Maxine Russo, portrayed by Bailee Madison. Meanwhile Max makes his parents' food taste like kid food in order to make it taste good. In "Zeke Finds Out", the Russos finally reveal to Zeke that they are wizards. After the government has taken all the wizards away, Alex decides to reveal wizards to the world. They enter the final round of the competition, a massive labyrinth. Max quits the society because he finds out that they are taking advantage of him. Dexter reveals himself as Gorog, and that he is trying to rebuild his army of darkness. S4, Ep2 Things get bad at the angel club when Alex and Harper cannot fly, until Justin secretly pulls out his wand and gives Harper flying powers. The theme song Everything is Not What It Seems has also been remixed and sung by Selena Gomez & the Scene. Rosie is an Angel of Darkness, and has been tricking Justin all along to make him evil. Alex (Selena Gomez) quits her wizard training after she decides there will never be enough time to regain her status and compete for the title of family wizard. They get Dean out, and once Harper, Max, and Justin leave, Alex tells Dean that he was knocked out and the doctor's solution was for them all to dress up as cows. Finally, Justin uses a spell on a pizza to turn them back into their regular selves. Zeke seeks magic as a new hobby, and when Alex impulsively and secretly assists in one of his routines, he begins to suspect that he himself might be a wizard, and confides in Harper about this, forcing her to convince Alex to either expose the truth about wizardry to him, or she will. When a former legendary Luchador "Muy Macho" visits the Sub Station, Alex finds out that she was the reason why he quit lucha libre (wrestling), so she tries to make it up to him by arranging a lucha libre match with him and Jerry to restore his honor. & Much More", "Friday Cable: Cardinals/Phillies Tops Night, Plus 'Smackdown!, ' 'Sanctuary' Premiere 'Jessie' & Much More", "Friday Cable: NLCS Leads Night Plus 'Smackdown!, ' 'Sanctuary, ' 'Make Your Mark, ' 'Jessie' & More", "Friday Cable Ratings: 'Smackdown!' Alex tells him 'no', and then gets back together with Mason, with deciding to get back to the Wizard Competition. While Alex suggests that they go back to 1957 to find out what they did wrong, Justin denies this, saying they should not solve the problem by doing exactly what caused the problem, however Theresa states that they will have to go back, when she realizes that they left Harper in 1957.

Finally, in the hour-long series finale, Alex, Justin, and Max compete in the family wizard competition. The Russos really are in deep waters when Zeke is going to saw Max in half with a real saw for his next act, so Justin takes matters into his own hands and freezes everyone except for himself and Zeke. However, the plot takes a quick turn in the episode "Journey to the Center of Mason", where Alex promises Mason she will re-enter the Wizard Competition to save their relationship, knowing that they constantly think about each other. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa realize that they never saved any of Max's childhood accomplishments, so they try to recreate them with the help of Harper. Everything goes downhill when Zeke tells Harper he believes he is a wizard and is now booking a magic act at the sub station for a kid's birthday party. Alex takes the Moral Compass and tries to turn it to good but Justin stops her and then Rosie used her good angel side and they fly up and when they land, Justin turns the compass to good. Footage of Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) and Justin Russo (David Henrie) are shown in the Crystal replay ball from the season starter Alex Tells the World. And a family of Cucuys, Latino mythical monsters, invites the Russos for an evening ... Harper tries convincing Alex that life without magic isn't so bad, but the strain of taking responsibility for her actions instead of using magic causes a disagreement between the two best friends. Felix then gets rid of Crumbs on Gorog's order. The Russo children, Alex (Selena Gomez), Justin (David Henrie), and Max Russo (Jake T. Austin) continue to compete to become the leading wizard in their magical family and begin to make difficult decisions about their futures. Harper tries teaching Alex how to live without magic, but the strain of taking responsibility for her actions instead of using magic causes a disagreement between the two best friends when Alex gets in big trouble for crashing Mr. Laritate's car. Lisa Cucuy finds out that Mason is a werewolf and decides that she wants him instead of Max. In the "Wizards vs. Angels" three-part story, Justin falls in love with Rosie who appears to be an angel but it is later found out that she is an angel of darkness.

Justin invites Professor Crumbs to check on his delinquent wizards class, to see how their wizard training is progressing. Ties 'SpongeBob;' Plus 'Sanctuary,' 'Boss,' 'House Of Payne' & More", http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/10/31/friday-cable-ratings-discoverys-gold-rush-tops-cable-friday-night-smackdown-sancturary-boss-more/109085/, "Friday Cable Ratings: Discovery's 'Gold Rush' Tops Cable + 'Friday Night Smackdown,' 'Sanctuary,' 'Boss' & More", "Friday Cable Ratings: 'Gold Rush' Tops Cable + Okla. St./Iowa St., 'Friday Night Smackdown,' 'Sanctuary,' 'Flying Wild Alaska' & More", "Disney Channel and Disney Junior January 2012 Highlights", "Friday Cable Ratings: 'Wizards of Waverly Place Finale,' 'Gold Rush' Lead + 'Jessie,' 'Smackdown!,' 'Merlin' & More", "Wizards of Waverly Place: Episode Guide", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wizards_of_Waverly_Place_(season_4)&oldid=975924240, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from January 2012, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 05:29. Alex then remembers that they forgot Harper back in 1957 and they go back and get her. Justin realizes that when Jerry's father lost the restaurant, he moved out of the building and since their family no longer lived in the building, the lair disappeared in present day. Sympathizing, Alex gets Rosie to rejoin the class and puts a copycat spell on her so that Rosie can mimic Alex's move and pass the class. Alex, Harper and Justin pretend to be angels to get in. They arrive at Gorog's lair and attempt to destroy him, but Mason tries to convince Alex to join them.

Mason is evasive about his plans, which involve making an anniversary present for Alex, so Alex returns to the Beast Bowl. Then Max comes in and says that the prince charming has decided to use the Substation to be the ballroom for the royal party.

The truth soon uncovered – the class had actually passed, but the historian who checked the exams was revealed to be evil, and had lied about the exam scores. Justin leaves, and Alex leaves after him, heartbroken. Harper, not wanting to let Zeke make a fool of himself, tells Alex to tell Zeke the truth about wizards, but she is reluctant to, as exposing wizardry to another mortal could get her kicked out of the wizard competition forever if anyone finds out. Zeedrik still questions them by giving them a test to sing while playing the harp. Crumbs tells them to use their magic to stop Gorog. Alex does not understand why the party is such a big deal and uses the body switch on her mother. Meanwhile, Alex finds out that she is not graduating high school, but when a small part of the asteroid hits the school, she gets a chance to graduate. Later, Alex and Harper move into an apartment building with a secret 13th floor for wizards and other creatures in the wizard world. Guest stars: Bailee Madison as Maxine, Leven Rambin as Rosie, Ransford Doherty as Zeedrik. Justin tells Jerry that Felix lost his wand and Jerry tells them to use the abracadoobler wand app and Felix realizes that his wand is around the area. Mason and Alex manage to get off of the island using the Bermuda shorts given to them by Justin. Max accepts. She and Zeke go back to the royal party where they dance and then the story ends and the world is returned to its normality. Alex is jealous that Jerry is giving so much attention to Maxine!

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