virtual events ideas for schools

Asking parents to “customize” or “personalize” their virtual experience when registering as Canterbury School does here. Your participants can walk/run/bike at any time within your predetermined timeframe and then take photos to share with the community when they have crossed the finish line. Interactive Entertainment Group also offers Family Feud-inspired virtual entertainment, accommodating up to 60 participants during the one-hour game. While face-to-face fundraising can lead to more intimate and personal engagements, virtual fundraising comes with many of its own benefits. While key influencers vary from market to market, event pros may just be surprised by the number of influencers that are responsive to their Instagram DMs. Another way to provide non-financial support to your mission is through volunteering. And don’t forget to thank everyone for supporting your cause during your live event.

As you adapt to constantly-changing current events, you’re probably looking  to explore new virtual fundraising opportunities. Even for schools returning in some fashion, it doesn’t “feel” normal — and, we’re not sure when that’s going away.

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It is easier to communicate something that is definite, than to promote something that may be, and then need to change the event and pivot, again. (Although by now, you can likely add “professional pivoter” to your resume.). Cocktail TutorialFor its virtual Money Moves Summit, Create & Cultivate called upon recipe book authors and influencers Adrianna Adarme and Cassie Winslow to lead two at-home cocktail-making sessions, engaging its audience of nearly 7,000 attendees with made-from-scratch frozen strawberry margaritas and pink grapefruit and chamomile Palomas. For all-staff meetings and back-to-school events, direct mail is also effective. Whether it’s special campaign t-shirts or another fun product, this is a great way to increase your organization’s visibility. With live or prerecorded comedy performances—or a hybrid of both—the entertainment agency accommodates nearly all platforms, including Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. The SnapBar's new virtual photo booth allows businesses to add their own branding and backdrops for attendees to snap a selfie and share it during a virtual event. In order to alleviate some of that stress, consider redirecting your communication strategy to focus on being humble and helpful rather than on constant fundraising asks.

Send direct mail. For fundraising, sending a direct mail “thank you” piece for donors above a certain threshold makes an impact. As schools are in the final planning stages of reopening for the new school year amid Covid-19, whether it is virtual learning or in-person, most schools are facing budget cuts and wondering where funding is going to come from. The Hill School’s “Reimagined Revisit Days” website page is a great example of how you can still bring your school’s story to life with entirely pre-recorded content. Concession foods are quick and easy to make but offering great grab-and-go, prepackaged items like caramel corn, popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, pretzels, and more will keep things moving even quicker. To get started, first come up with what your craft will be and what supplies you will need. Making an emergency fundraising appeal did wonders for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. Selling merchandise for your cause is a great way to raise revenue while providing supporters with a memorable keepsake.

Whether it is before or after the event, sending a piece of direct mail to their house gives them something tangible to take away from the virtual event, giving it more impact. No event is complete without an entertainment aspect—and that goes for virtual events, too. For instance, Downtown Women’s Center made sure to call every one of their donors before they began their May appeals. While we mentioned that calling them is a great way to start your virtual engagement, you should also explore making use of video conferencing and streaming tools. "But this is a chance for groups to engage socially and incorporate some fun and morale-boosting [activities].". One fun example would be on the topic of The Fall of the Roman Empire The idea could be higher taxes to help support the large Roman Military. At this point, all the language around “these trying times” and “unprecedented needs” and how you’ve had to “pivot” to adjust are white noise. They’re great tools that let you communicate face to face with donors, which means you can give a more intimate update to your supporters. As the industry shifts its focus to find digital alternatives to live events until they can resume, keeping virtual guests engaged has become a hot topic. You can even provide non-financial ways for them to support your cause as an alternative. For those not looking to go down an Instagram rabbit hole to find the perfect influencer for your event, wellness- and fitness-focused businesses, like Colorado-based The Healing Collective and mobile meditation studio BEtime (offering at-home meditation kits), can be called upon for virtual events. If you’re afraid of making asks too frequently, remember that your donors are passionate about your cause. They worked hard to provide a virtual terminal for parents and teachers to gain access to remote learning standards for grades K-12. How can we redirect funds from in-person events to new technology for virtual events? ", MATT WOLINSKI, DIRECTOR OF ADMISSION AND FINANCIAL AID Their solution was a partnership with Transylvania University. In order to combat this, ... 4 Game Ideas to Try at Your Virtual Event (Plus Examples!) Throughout the four-hour event, the two things that stick out to families are 1. Mind-Reading and Magic Show"Magic and mentalism are two art forms that effortlessly translate from live to virtual without losing any impact," says Wayne Hoffman, a nationally renowned mentalist and illusionist, and owner of Hoffman Entertainment in Florida. Stay authentic, and be understanding. If you’re interested in continuing your research on virtual fundraising ideas and how to implement them, you’ll love these resources: Abby Jarvis is a blogger, speaker, and general nonprofit nerd. This can include webinars, online raffles, peer-to-peer events, online auctions, virtual meetings, and text fundraising. Create a concessions package that participants can purchase when they register, then they can pick up their concessions, along with any medals or t-shirts, after they have completed the walk/run/bike-a-thon. When you’re brainstorming the best virtual event ideas, consider the tools you have at your disposal. Implement text fundraising with both text-to-donate and text-to-give features, as well send outbound texts to communicate with donors. Perhaps you’d like to create a playlist with song titles that cleverly allude to digital technologyo… A password-protected landing page on your website is another great way to display all of the information for a virtual event — including access to pre-recorded content and live content.

A virtual event can still accomplish these two things — and those should become the focus of your creative efforts.

You could also set up live streaming cameras in a few different classrooms to allow students to see learning happen in real time. Attendees have the distraction of their kids, pets, significant others, UPS deliveries, neighbors popping by, the oven timer going off...and that’s important to keep in mind. With the rise of COVID-19, they came upon an issue with how to sleep over 650 people while still staying socially distant. Create fun food gift baskets made from your concession stand to auction off.

Here are 20 virtual theme day ideas to get you started: Comfy Sweats or PJ Day Fostertown put together a theme week and their Monday encouraged comfortable clothing for all students and teachers. To operate at top-efficiency and gain the most profit, keep your menu offering simple. It is ideal for Q&A and panel discussions, athletics, or small socially-distanced events that families would normally attend in person. How can you replicate those in a virtual environment?

Feel free to follow along with us from the top, or skip to the section that most interests you: Are you ready to take your virtual fundraising to the next level? When it comes to fundraising for special events and schools, the number one goal is to have a high profit margin. This list included writing letters of support for the staff and even providing lunch for the staff. 4 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Nonprofits, dnn:COPYRIGHT runat="server" id="dnnCOPYRIGHT" CssClass="footer", Build & Grow Your Concession Food Business, Build and Grow Your Concession Food Business, Restaurant Finds Sweet Addition with Candy and Caramel Apples, The Top 5 Prepackaged Picks for Back-to-School Concessions. Continue to let them know about their past gift’s impacts to confirm they’re making a difference and inspire them to give again. Our clean, inviting, beautiful school is now reflected accurately on our website.

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