the racketeer film

Loved this movie as a child, and I feel it has aged well.

"The whole thing is good-natured enough", he explained, "but increasingly mechanical".

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[6], Stevens, Bilson, De Meo, and Dear began to pitch The Rocketeer in 1986 to the film studios but were turned down. The discovery of a top-secret jetpack hurls test pilot Cliff Secord into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense, and intrigue! "Rocketeer launches a restored theater. [1] The film ended up going 50 days over schedule due to weather and mechanical problems.

October 11, 2013 • Story selection and rights acquired; idea being crafted into usable script; financing and casting attachments sought; aiming for 'greenlight'. [46] Costume designer Marilyn Vance won the Saturn Award for Best Costumes, while Jennifer Connelly (Best Supporting Actress) and VFX supervisor Ken Ralston (Best Special Effects) also received nominations.[46][47]. We got there about three years too early for our own good! His sidekicks are a motley bunch of baddies that are far less endearing than our hero's team. Johnny Depp was Disney's favorite choice,[8] while Paxton commented he came "really close" to getting the lead. "Peevy" Peabody, whose Gee Bee racer was fatally damaged by the mobsters, find the mysterious rocket inside a biplane of their employer's hangar, where the getaway driver hid it. But those scripts were thrown out and we were always brought back on". To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. ", Green, Tom. ", Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film, "Comic Book Artist Magazine #15 - Dave Stevens Interview - TwoMorrows Publishing", "Cinefantastique - The Authorized Dave Stevens Web Site", "Ryan Phillippe tries to shake his heartthrob image", "Rocketeer, The | Reelviews Movie Reviews", "Iconic roadside relic "Bulldog Cafe" saved from destruction",, "Summer movie toys and product spin-offs", "Deb's Digest: D23 The Official Community for Disney Fans Archives", "The Rocketeer: Peter David: 9780553293227: Books". Cliff encounters an assortment of ruthless villains, led by a Hollywood screen star who's a secret spy. Technology stolen from inventor Howard Hughes winds up in the hands of a ne'er-do-well pilot and his engineer mentor. Sinclair holds Jenny hostage, forcing Cliff to give him the rocket pack, but not before he covertly removes the chewing gum patch, allowing fuel to leak near the rocket pack's exhaust. of development hell. Sinclair recaptures her with Lothar's aid and leaves a message for Cliff: bring the rocket pack to the Griffith Observatory that very night in exchange for Jenny's life. Except Sylvester Stallone as a policeman in copworld. Attenzione. [5] Bilson, De Meo, and Dear kept the comic book’s basic plot intact but fleshed it out to include a Hollywood setting and a climactic battle against a Nazi Zeppelin. [5] The studio also intended to change the trademark helmet design; Disney CEO Michael Eisner wanted a straight NASA-type helmet, but Johnston convinced the studio otherwise. [44] Jonathan Rosenbaum of Chicago Reader believed both the editing and the storyline were not well balanced and felt The Rocketeer ripped-off elements of Indiana Jones and Back to the Future. Rosenbaum also cited the casting decision of character actors as being too practical. [7], The decision to cast Billy Campbell as Cliff Secord caused mixed emotions among Disney executives. [1][N 6] Johnston's insistence on a realistic flying rocketman led ILM to devise a lifelike Cliff Secord model that was filmed in "stop-motion-animation" coupled with a 18" figurine that was manipulated by hand and in "go-motion" to create "motion-blur.

Jenny is fired over Cliff's accident; however, Sinclair, who is portraying the lead role of the production, overhears Cliff's attempt to tell Jenny about the rocket pack. Rocketeer director Joe Johnston previously worked as an art director/model maker at ILM before his film directing career took off. [6], The characterization of Neville Sinclair was inspired by movie star Errol Flynn, or rather by the image of Flynn that had been popularized by Charles Higham's unauthorized and fabricated biography of the actor,[7] in which he asserted that Flynn was, among other things, a Nazi spy. In pre-release publicity, Campbell had been touted as the perfect Cliff Secord lookalike with allusions to stepping out of a comic book page. Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2019.

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