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Some of the presidents he worked with include Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya), Milton Obote (Uganda), Idi Amin (Uganda), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (Tanzania) as well as Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.

Jon Snow, the famed Channel Four News presenter, describes Mohinder Dhillon as “a one-off, and for as long as we live, we shall never see his like again.”, The writer teaches literature at the University of Nairobi. The Selection Committee for sports awards 2019 on Saturday recommended names of six coaches for Dronacharya award, three coaches each in 'regular category' and 'life-time category'. It was as part-owner of Africapix that Dhillon would end up as the official photographer and filmmaker to the Ethiopian monarch Emperor Haile Selassie I. All rights reserved. He had several commissions, including producing identity card photos for the British Army, photos for the East African Standard newspaper and the usual undertakings of a photo studio in those days. Below are some snapshots of his work and life in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Congo.

Also known as Balwinder S Lakhman, Jaswinder Singh, Singh Balwinder. He covered Amin’s rise and fall from power in chapters 14 and 20 of Part Two of My Camera, My Life: Sir Mohinder Dhillon are titled, Uganda Coup d’Etat: A tale of Two Amins and The Fall of Idi Amin, Famine in Karamoja, respectively. In both chapters he presents “pictures” of Idi Amin from different angles, after covering his rule for more than eight years. Then in 1982, he took an excruciating trip behind enemy lines to film Kurdish rebels fighting the Iranian government forces. But he can also hold a conversation the whole day, literally. For he is a man with many stories to tell, stories of people, places and events that he met, travelled to and was involved in when working as a cameraman and photojournalist from the early 1950s till retiring in the early 2000s. In 1961, he partnered with journalist Ivor Davis to form Africapix and, together, they traversed one country after the other “covering the euphoric pre-independence build-up in so many African nations.”. He had travelled there twice in 1964.

He credits his wife with giving him freedom to do his work, which sometimes involved travelling abroad such as when he was in Aden, Yemen, for eight months covering the war there.

“My relationship with the late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was perhaps the most bizarre association of all. He photographed Kenya’s independence heroes and forged a close relationship with top political leaders like Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Tom Mboya, among others. He had gone to “Albertville (now Kalemie), on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika, in southern Kivu Province, to document the Simba occupation there.” Later he travelled to Stanleyville (now Kisangani) to “cover the hostage crisis leading up to the Rebellion’s bloody denouement.”, Stanleyville was a horror story for him, with “corpses scattered all over the place.” Work done and about to board the plane back to Nairobi, a colleague, Andrew Borovic, from the Associated Press, asked Dhillon to shoot a photo of him “against the backdrop of the control tower.”. Statistics for all 30 Jaswinder Singh results: 46 yrs. The renowned founder of film/cinematography company Africapix died at … He was just about 17 years, the same age his father, Tek Singh (affectionately called Bau Ji), was when he left his village for Kenya, to seek work. The book was launched in Nairobi by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga on October 2, 2016. I tell people I felt safe near Amin and they don’t believe me.

Dhillon does not present Amin just as a bloodthirsty, vicious dictator, who murdered people without a reason, as the foreign press would present him. Dhillon had been in Tanganyika and Zanzibar on several occasions.

Mohinder was born in Babarpur, in Punjab province, to Kartar Kaur and Tek Singh Dhillon, who was employed by East African Railways in Uganda as … Dhillon tells his life-story in his memoirs, My Camera, My Life: Sir Mohinder Dhillon (published by Mkuki na Nyota in 2016). Congo. Unlike his brothers, he flunked his O Level exams and could not get college admission, ending up at home without a useful skill for the job market. They were blessed with a child, Sam Dhillon. Uganda. Dhillon would later write and film stories on the end of the monarch’s reign and the rule of the military Derg, the Ogaden war (with Somalia) and the famine of 1984.

2.3K likes. He previously narrated how once, in the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo, he was almost shot dead by government forces who accused him of collaborating with rebels. If Dhillon felt safe around Amin, he nearly lost his life in the Congo. Sir Dhillon, once nicknamed ‘Deathwish Dhillon’ due to the many risks he took in order to get the perfect shot, was one of the most revered photojournalists of his era, landing the attention of even Heads of States.

The story was narrated to and written by Gordon Boy and David Kaiza. But the emperor’s travels outside his country, old age and delegating responsibility to his prime minister, increasingly alienated him “from the hearts and minds of the wider Ethiopian public.” Here Dhillon is explaining how a man who he felt was good at heart lost the trust of his countrymen, setting the stage for his overthrow. Legendary photojournalist Sir Mohinder Dhillon has died at the age of 88. In 1967, he left Nairobi in a chartered plane to Aden for what he thought would be three or four days, covering the intractable Yemeni war, but ended up shooting eight months of dramatic and daring pictures. He would only be saved by a fellow journalist when there were only eight of the the prisoners held at the airport remaining to be executed. He travelled with Selassie on a “world tour” that took him to Europe, Asia and Australia.

He covered the Zanzibar Revolution in 1964 as well as the military mutiny in Tanganyika. His story is the subject of My Camera, My Life (Mkuki na Nyota, 2016) which he narrates to writers Gordon Boy and David Kaiza in a three-part book that traces his epic journey. The fact is Amin was such a lover of publicity that he would never harm media people, although the same, alas, was not true always of those around him.” I am not sure how many Ugandans who lived through Amin’s reign would agree with this assertion. By 1954 Dhillon had bought the Halle Studio, as Ms Haller had fallen ill. Dhillon had applied for the advertised post of “a junior accounts clerk.”.

“As a cameraman, I feel privileged to have witnessed – at first hand – some of the most dramatic events of recent times,” he wrote in the book. Speaking to Citizen Digital, Richard Vaughan – one of Sir Mohinder’s closet friends and business associate of over 30 years – said he was hospitalised about a week ago with pneumonia. Mohinder Dhillon is a self-effacing man who has lived all his life with a stammer. Known for his fearlessness, Dhillon, who British troops in Yemen once half-mockingly nicknamed “Death-wish Dhillon”, will be remembered for his escapades that saw him risk his life in pursuit of the perfect shot. Kenya. A security officer arrested him when he lied that he had never been to Albertville, but his passport had a stamp of his previous visit there. Constitution: Who does it protect, the poor or affluent?

He later developed a rapport with then president Julius Nyerere, describing him as a warm, unassuming man with a sharp intellect. His consolation was a gift of a second-hand camera from his father. Dhillon tells his life-story in his memoirs, My Camera, My Life: Sir Mohinder Dhillon (published by Mkuki na Nyota in 2016). He also recorded the Ethiopian famine in the 1980s, the impact of the Vietnam war, the aftermath of the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, and the 1998 US Embassy bombing in Nairobi.

He will be buried on Thursday,” said Mr. Vaughan. ... Also known as Jagdeep Dhillon Singh, Jaswinder Dhillon, Jagde S Dhillon. once again, fate intervened when Dhillon was asked by the social pages editor of the then East African Standard, Lesley Clay, to go take photos at an event because Dhillon’s colleague who “handled the commissions for the newspaper” was away on holiday.

Baljit is related to Paramjit Singh Dosanjh and Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon as well as 2 additional people. Tanzania. Sir Dhillon previously told the Nation that he did not know his exact date of birth but that “for passport purposes, my parents settled for October 25, 1931.”. Not even a helicopter crash while on assignment in Tanzania would stop him. Mystery outbreak in South Sudan kills three, US-French women duo win Nobel Chemistry Prize for gene editing tool, Trio wins Nobel Physics Prize for black hole research, US-British trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for hepatitis C discovery, East Africa could become a major cannabis export hub, From Nairobi to Addis by bicycle, steered by love, American poet Louise Gluck wins Nobel Literature Prize, Kwita Izina goes virtual, names 24 gorilla infants, Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei smashes 10,000m track world record, It was my ear, laments Kipchoge after London debacle, Shock as Kenenisa Bekele withdraws from London Marathon, Kipchoge, Bekele spar ahead of London Marathon, From football to rugby and athletics, these great stars have hoisted high continent’s sporting flag, To catch up with 4IR, we need our own systems, Artistes of yore launched unique traditional sounds fused with modern beats, There is great potential in production and consumption, In 1961, Mohinder Dhillon teamed up with Ivor Davis, who had been working at the. Mohinder Dhillon is a self-effacing man who has lived all his life with a stammer.

In retirement, Dhillon reflects on his life, describing it as a life well-lived. The photographer died on Monday morning at Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, after a short illness. He was nearly killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1962 after government forces accused him of collaborating with the rag-tag Simba rebels involved in a brutal insurgency that is a piece in the vicious Cold War jigsaw.

Veteran photojournalist Mohinder Dhillon has died aged 88. Sir Mohinder Dhillon.

In 1971, he was at the frontline in Uganda as Army Commander Idi Amin — who was to become one of Africa’s most notorious dictators — overthrew President Milton Obote. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE.

“All five of my brothers passed their ‘O’ level examinations. The 23-year-old athlete from Moga district in Punjab won a historic gold by hurling the iron ball to record-breaking distance of 20.75m. Nairobi News is the most trusted website in Kenya that provides the latest breaking news, entertainment news, sports news, showbiz and celebrity stories. Nairobi News is now available on Telegram.

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