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Can anyone please explain, precisely, what “a golden cup and salt” is? All those involved in the ceremony were dressed in black. This pageant was on wheels and was drawn by “a silver antelope and a golden lion”, who hauled it in front of the new mother and queen, Catherine of Aragon. They had been married for 18 months, about two months longer than Henry VIII had been king. Henry, Duke of Cornwall, was born in the early hours of the 1st January 1511, New Year’s Day, and his birth was celebrated with bonfires, wine flowing through the streets of London, cannons firing, pageants, banqueting and an extravagant joust at Westminster which was said to be “the third most expensive spectacle of Henry’s long reign”. Specifically, I like to think about the 52-day period in 1511 when she had successfully delivered her husband a son and the idea that there would be five subsequent queen consorts after her would have seemed absurd. On the New Year’s Day 1511, Queen Katherine gave birth to a son – he would be called Henry, Duke of Cornwall.

Six of those thirteen children lived beyond the age of 10. Giles Tremlett points out that “contemporaries considered it the most extravagant and theatrical tournament ever seen in England” and that it was “the third most expensive spectacle of Henry’s long reign, after his father’s funeral and the deluge of ostentation that would later be known as the Field of Cloth of Gold.” Tremlett describes how the jousters dressed up as a hermit (Charles Brandon) and pilgrims and that the tournament started off with a pageant “made like a forest with rocks, hills and dales, with diverse sundry trees, flowers, hawthorns, fern and grass, with six foresters standing within the same forest, garnished in coats and hoods of green velvet. The pageant was dominated by jousts with the king and his men riding into the lists under canopies of cloth of gold and purple velvet with the letters of H and K embroidered in gold. The alcohol level was probably quite low, so the effects on the fetus might be minimal. took her chamber’ in March and orders were given for the The font from Canterbury was placed in the chamber in the event the child was in distress and needed to be baptized in haste. On the last day of January 1510, Katharine felt a pain in
Warmest Wishes Baroness Von Reis. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The French King, Louis XII, was chosen to be one of his godfathers and sent a golden cup and salt as christening gifts; William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury was the other, and Margaret of Austria was chosen as his godmother, although she did not attend. The child was named Henry after his father and grandfather and was styled Duke of Cornwall. Just before Christmas, Katherine heard mass and then hosted a banquet for the men and women of the court in her great chamber. Henry, Duke of Cornwall, died on the 22nd February having lived just 52 days. At the very least, what makes the tragedy of Katherine’s life all the more bitter is how close she came to escaping it. Born December 1514. Don't treat it as history, just read it as a story.

Edward VIII (1910–1936), Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry,_Duke_of_Cornwall", Categories: Henry VIII's children | Heirs to the English throne | English people of Welsh descent | Dukes of Cornwall | Heirs apparent who never acceded | Biographies of multiple people | 1511 births | 1511 deaths | 1514 births | 1514 deaths | Burials at Westminster Abbey, Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Son Prince Of ENGLAND (AFN: 9FQ4-3J) Pedigree, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------. If Edmund Beaufort really was Henry’s great-grandfather paternally, then he was highly inbred on his father’s side, added to which was more Lancastrian blood from Katherine. You can read all about Catherine of Aragon’s pregnancies in my article The Pregnancies of Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon, Categories: Henry VIII, Monarchy, Six Wives Catherine had 6 known pregnancies, one a miscarriage, a son Henry tht lived for 1 month, 2 more sons that lived for a few hours each, Mary, and a daughter that lived for 6 days. Henry was related to all of his wives, less to Anne of Cleves, but in some degree to all.
Maybe someone didnot want the Great King to have any male heir? I m sure that there was an investigation of some sort done when these royal babies died, every parent would want to know. That’s almost 50%, just about the same as the rest of Tudor England. that the Queen had never been pregnant at all but that she was suffering from a His cause of death is unknown. It is an interesting possibility, however, because there are now three parental breaks, not the two originally thought in December 2014, as another in the Beaufort line appeared with further analysis in 2015.

whole reign. If true, that would mean Margaret Beaufort and Edmund Tudor were very closely related. Poor Katherine and Henry, this little baby boy was their hope and for 52 days he was hailed, lauded and celebrated, wildly I recall. Katharine may well have believed The Scotts,French,Spaniish ect .all wanted to take England.Mary of Geese was also killed she to wanted to take England with the Scotts, so why not send someone tocourt and off the future heirs? The foresters then blew their horns and the pageant opened up to reveal four knights, one of whom was the King. Kind Regards Baroness Von REis. The rules of conduct for pregnant queens had been laid down by her grandmother-in-law, Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and were designed both to draw attention to the importance of the supreme dynastic act of childbirth, and also to reflect the best medical advice available. His birth was celebrated with an extravagant tournament held at Westminster in his mother’s honour, a tournament which Thomas Boleyn participated in. So as Margaret Beaufort, Henry Vii’s mother was a descendant of his mistress Katherine, so Henry Viii first wife was the child of Gaunts first wife. This is based in part on the events of the time, as well as on the coat of arms given the Tudors, which closely resembles that of the Beauforts. I’d love to know your reactions, concerning my theory and if their is any evidence on any of the babies deaths, such as SIDS, illness or the possibility of foul play. He based this on the information that he had received that Something to think about. conduct.

As soon as Katharine was This means they were bound from head to foot in strips of cloth, like little mummies. Their vision might also be impaired without the drops. Jan 1 1511 - London, City of London, Greater London, England, Henry King of England Viii Tudor,, Catherine de Aragon, Henry Fitzroy, i i i Elizabeth, Vi Vi Edward Vi, First Child Of King Henry VIII Of England, Catherine of Aragon,Henry Viii of England, Mary I of England, Elizabeth I of England, Henry FitzRoy 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset, Edward VI of England, Jan 1 1511 - Richmond Palace, London, England, Feb 23 1511 - London, Greater London, England, Baby Boy Tudor, Edward Vi Tudor, Elizabeth i Tudor, Mary i Tudor, ...dor, Henri Tudor, Ne Tudor, Henry Tudor, Henry Tudor, Tudor, Mary i Tudor, Ne Tudor, Y Tudor, Henry Tudor, Henry Tudor, Marie Tudor, Y Tudor, Jan 1 1511 - Richmond Palace,Surrey,England, Feb 22 1511 - Richmond Palace,Surrey,England, Henry Tudor, Tudor, Mary i Tudor, Ne Tudor, Henri Tudor, Henri Tudor, Y Tudor, Henry Tudor, Henry Tudor, Marie Tudor, Y Tudor.

was still pregnant, based presumably on the fact that her womb remained swollen.

recently’ given birth Rest in peace…little Prince Henry. It’s interesting to think how the whole world might be different if this child had lived—I always thought it so sad he died after close to 2 months…how attached his parents would be and hopeful…suuch a sad moment. Died December 1514 (aged <1m) The second Henry, Duke of Cornwall (December 1514) was the third son and fourth child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. There must have been so much pressure on them to conceive. culminating in a great joust.

The Tudor dynasty would have been secure and the threat of civil war drastically reducted. It’s interesting to consider, too, for how long England would have remained Catholic in the face of the wider Reformation.

This may indicate something else. Jeffrey,I think it is a token of good luck,salt over the sholder brings good luck,a golden cup full of salt would mean good luck and many more in Henrys case sons. The midwife received a large cash reward. As soon as Katharine was churched, 40 days after the birth, the Royal couple left Richmond, leaving Prince Henry in the safety of his nursery, whilst they undertook the journey back to Westminster. He had distinguished godparents: the Archbishop of Canterbury William Warham, the Earl of Surrey and his great-aunt and uncle, the Earl and Countess of Devon. Were babies still being swaddled in Tudor times, I think they were, tell me if I’m wrong. Welcome Shannon! Warmest Regards Baroness Von Reis, Claire,Happy New Year and to all the A B friends. Her miscarriages had begun to happen at an ever earlier stage in the pregnancy, but I could easily be wrong. Henry received the challenger’s prize to great applause. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hey Claire, long time lurker first time poster. As the dance ended, the ladies removed the men’s masks so they could be identified. Tragically, within a few weeks the baby was dead, passing away on February 22, 1511 of what is believed to have been a bronchial infection. Strange how they thought back in those days.

He was determined to impress Katherine and certain representatives from the courts of Katherine’s father Ferdinand of Aragon and her nephew the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. In one of these presentations, Henry and fifteen gentlemen pranced in front of Katherine and the audience in fanciful costumes. Survivor: Six Wives Season by Tamar Heller, Elizabeth vs the Undead by Valerie Christie, Late Night with Henry Tudor by Emilie Conroy, The Passionate Monarch to His Love by Sonetka, The First Wives Club of Henry VIII by Paulla Hunter Schreiner, The Tudors Take Reality Television by Katherine Stinson, A Christmas Mary Story by Sarah Donaldson, A Mince Pie for Christmas – Violeta Hernández, Wolsey’s Crown – A Tudor Christmas Tale by Lisa Linthicum, A Christmas Story by Anna-M Solvsteen Nielsen, A Tudor Christmas Story by Brigid C. McMorrow, Christmas Morning in the Tudor Court by Richard Hartman, Completely moved to be with my little girl again by Jessica Creton, A Very Tudor Christmas by Jacquie Gemmell, Holidays in Hampton Court by Sofia Linthicum, aged 10, A Tudor Christmas Story by Tracy Lawrence, A Tudor Christmas Short Story by Kenzie Kimura, A Tudor Christmas Tale: One Day in the Life of Elizabeth I by Sydney M. Klevesath Cabrera, Anne Boleyn’s Execution Speech – Rose Cronogue. The monks received the remains of the little boy. was extremely influential in these years and was still acting as Ferdinand’s Henry took advantage of the opportunity of the birth of the prince to celebrate by presenting tremendous entertainments in his honor. The Queen’s pregnancies frequently triggered in the King a bout of promiscuity. A gold castle rose from the centre, with a gentleman at the gate making a garland of roses.”. It has been speculated for several decades that infidelity took place in the royal family, now we know it did, but were is anyone’s guess for now.

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