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2 #107, Adventures of Superman #530, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #3, Action Comics #717, Superman: The Man of Steel #52, Superman Vol. Henshaw’s wife, Terri, is slowly being pulled into another dimension, making her transparent and intangible. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Taking advantage of the Tribuunal's alien notions of justice, the Cyborg arranged for them to arrest Superman and execute him for Krypton's destruction.

Another becomes a monstrous thing made of an amalgamation of earth and material off of the Space Shuttle. His body was destroyed, but it was later revealed that Henshaw bonded with the promethean wall in his energy form. In this timeline, Brainiac turned Zor-El into a cyborg to have him scout for different civilizations for Brainiac to add to his collection, somewhat similar to Galactus’ heralds in Marvel Comics. Later, Hank's consciousness was found inhabiting the computer terminal at which his body died. He overthrows.

Ended: Jun 20, 2020. Superman beat Henshaw, but Henshaw bonded with Superman's energy suit when he returned to earth, and the Cyborg "piggy-backed" home.

With the Cyborg's defeat in Engine City at the hands of Superman, his intellegence fled the Earth. He used its materials to build a tiny vessel with which he could explore the cosmos. Who is John Perseus X, The Umbrella Academy's Villain Turned Ally? With help from Superman, Darkseid imprisoned the Cyborg in a tiny shpere.

Superman, as the energy powered version, discovered this during the Genesis storyline when the section Henshaw absorbed attacked Superman. Superman, along with the self-styled "Superman Rescue Squad" (Superboy, Steel, Eradicator, Supergirl and the Alpha Centurion), put an end to his plans, and informed the Tribunal of the Cyborg's crimes.

When examined by his friend Dr. Emil Hamilton, Dr. Hamilton saw that his genetic code was identical to the original Superman’s, he saved the President of the United States and was even able to convince Supes' fiancée, Lois Lane, that he was the genuine article.

Unfortunately for them, Superman was already dead at the hands of Doomsday. The Toyman was shocked to find one of his toys animate on it's own, but even more so when it morphed into the Cyborg's true form. In this version, he is the sole survivor of his crew from their trip to Jupiter and back. What became of his body following his defeat is unknown. In this timeline, Brainiac turned Zor-El into a cyborg to have him scout for different civilizations for Brainiac to add to his collection, somewhat similar to Galactus’ heralds in Marvel Comics. 2 #106, Adventures of Superman #529, Action Comics #716, Superman: The Man of Steel #51, Superman Vol.
Before Superman attacked, Sormon at super speed sculpted for his class sculptures of himself pulping Superman. https://dcanimatedmovieuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Hank_Henshaw?oldid=20850.

He did not become the Cyborg Superman at this point.

era of DC Comics, a character known as The Cyborg Superman was revealed to be Zor-El, Superman’s uncle and Supergirl’s father.

In fact, the mind of Hank Henshaw was residing on a small device planted on the body of Doomsday. Superman is unable to stop Henshaw before his consciousness fashions a smaller spaceship out of the birthing matrix and escapes into the cosmos searching for more knowledge of the universe. With Superman assisting them, they break into a Lexcorp radio lab and save Terri, while Henshaw and the remaining crew die hideous deaths.

Hank Henshaw is a fictional supervillain featured in the DC Comics universe, who normally goes by the name Cyborg Superman. Instead, his mind ended up in another universe.

They were defeated when Zod turned against the rest of them, trapping them in the Phantom Zone. With nothing to live for on Earth, he transmitted his intelligence to Superman's Kryptonian birthing matrix (at the time in orbit around Earth).

Following Superman's death, he is seen flying through space towards Earth. Comic Origins and Powers Explained, The Justice League's Biggest Threat Is A Powerful Plant, Superman is the Keeper of the Necronomicon in DC Comics, Doctor Strange Theory: Marvel Is Searching For The Next Sorcerer Supreme.

In addition, due to his contact with Superman’s DNA, he also has access to all of Superman’s powers but not his weakness for kryptonite. Batman: Joker War Gives a Secret Nod To Dark Knight Returns, After Captain America, SHIELD Used Symbiote Super-Soldiers.

When Henshaw revealed his true colors and intentions, he had an old foe of Superman’s, Mongul, land a massive space-faring city earth, destroying Coast City and killing everyone in it. He was released by Superman and soon made his escape, where he attempted to take over the Green Lanterns’ Central Power Battery and destroy Coast City again for the first time. The "Last Son of Krypton" is every bit as powerful as the Man of Steel, and also had the ability to control technology of every level. He was later killed permanently after battling with the now restored Superman in the new Watchtower when Superman stabbed him the head with the Kryptonian data crystal which contained the Eradicator program, which promptly "Eradicated" him for the cyborg body. and the Eradicator, is able to defeat Henshaw and destroy his cyborg body, but not before Henshaw, in his spirit form, is able to vow his revenge and escape. Something happens to Henshaw during his travels. Details about Adventures of Superman #465 1st Hank Henshaw Appearance! Despite assitance from Superman, only Henshaw's wife Terri, survived the disaster-- or so they thought.

During his self-imposed exile, whatever was left of Henshaw's sanity completely collapsed.

The crew of the Excalibur makes its first appearance in Adventures of Superman #465, while the majority of Henshaw’s origin is told in the following issue.

Acting as Superman, the Cyborg had thrown the body of Doomsday into space chained to an asteroid.

But the character had actually already appeared in another form before then. The Cyborg assumed that eventually Doomsday would land on yet another world, which he could conquer and transform into a massive planet/ship, a Warworld. for decades, first appearing as the Man of Tomorrow during the. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

https://dcanimatedmovieuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Hank_Henshaw Due to his intense hatred of Superman, Superman caught on and tried to apprehend him with an energy grid the Cyborg couldn't escape and his body exploded. n #468. Once returning, he decided he wanted to feel like an ordinary person like he once had, and adopted the identity of "Mr. Sormon," a high school art teacher (of course he wore a disguise!) When the Justice League disappeared, he established the Cyber Corps consisting of selective volunteers promising the ability to be their own heroes.

The Red Superman was much more of a fiery character given to be a little more impulsive and was less likely to hold back from a good fight. Superman is unable to stop Henshaw before his consciousness fashions a smaller spaceship out of the birthing matrix and escapes into the cosmos searching for more knowledge of the universe. was able to stop him, but again, he was able to escape.

This is his first animated or film appearance. But ultimately Superman, assisted by the Matrix Supergirl, Superboy, and the Eradicator, is able to defeat Henshaw and destroy his cyborg body, but not before Henshaw, in his spirit form, is able to vow his revenge and escape.

[Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey #1-3; Superman Vol. The Cyborg gave in and bonded with the rod which is currently being held in stasis at S.T.A.R. Henshaw was able to send his consciousness into the computers surrounding him in the lab, giving him the power to communicate with and control most any kind of machine or piece of technology. He has battled Superman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan several times since then. The Cyborg planned on taking Superman and tearing him up apart his energy into different places as a way of killing him.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. In addition, Henshaw's cyborg body possesses a various number of other mechanical sensors, and has the ability to interface with any machine.

Having spent time in Superman’s rocket ship, Henshaw had absorbed the knowledge of Kryptonian technology and access to Superman’s DNA, which allows him to make a very convincing faux Man of Steel. Realizing the pain he has caused, he sends his consciousness to Superman’s “birthing matrix,” the abandoned spaceship that Superman has sent into orbit around the earth. When Superman dies at the hands of Doomsday, Henshaw develops a plan to convince the people of the world that he is Superman reborn in a cyborg’s body before turning on them, ruining Superman’s reputation. Not to be discouraged, he picked up where he left off, attempting to create a Warworld by destroying a planet. So, as far as readers at the time knew, Henshaw was dead. He was successful in tearing up Superman, but what he didn't realize was that Superman reformed as two different Supermen: Superman Red and Superman Blue. Doomsday, dead or alive, was indestructible, and the Cyborg's intellegence could hide on his back without fear of attack.

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