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However none of the reading is prescribed and a course-tutor could perfectly well approach each subject with a different set of examples, chosen from any period.

Answers (1). They may seek a deeper understanding of the more recent historiography of eighteenth-century France to see how Tocqueville’s vision has been refined or challenged. Vampiric Enterprise: Metaphors of Economic Exploitation in the Literature and Culture of the Fin de Siecle, John Stuart Mill’s Road to Leviathan II: The Principles of Political Economy, Kautilya: a forerunner of neoclassical price theory, Dynamics in the Underground: Thought and Methodology in the Study of Investment Cycles, "A time of consequences" - global warming and the domist imperative for a new political economy, The influence of Lord Kames (Henry Home) on some of the founders of the United States, Ernst Brandes: Samfundsspørgsmaal - en kritik af Malthus og Ricardo, Professor Hayek and the Concertina-Effect, Socialism, Capitalism and Economic Growth.
The concept of the just price : theory and economic policy, By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our. Each made a distinctive contribution to the development of modern German historiography: Meinecke was perhaps the most influential of all the later historicists and Kehr was an inspiration to the so-called critical school of social history, whose emphasis on the primacy of socio-economic factors in politics has informed an immense literature since he was ‘rediscovered’ by Hans-Ulrich Wehler in the 1960s.
The variety of forms of religious expression available to men and women is discussed. Passages from the texts are set in Latin for detailed comment but the modest length of the texts means that students with basic Latin should have little difficulty coping with them. FRIEDRICH MEINECKE, Die Deutsche Katastrophe: Betrachtungen und Erinnerungen (Wiesbaden, 1949) pp. In this approach economic ideas are discussed in order of time. On the other hand, History of Economics deals with the science of economics. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. As with the other Approaches, the aim is to offer students new broader perspectives on the ways in which the past can be studied and to think more carefully about the concepts they use. This notion has been profoundly influential (through collecting, the construction of museums, art writing and art history), and rewards study. The methodological problems of recovering the histories of women and men are addressed; key concepts like patriarchy are interrogated; some of the most influential models of change (such as ‘the separation of spheres’) are evaluated; and the contribution of other disciplines assessed. Both authors were alive to the achievements of their subjects and to the attitudes and aspirations of their times. (Accepted). This deals with the evolution of different economic ideas and their interdependence. Is capitalism more conducive to economic development than other social structures? The aim of this Approach is to introduce students to the ways in which economic models and statistical sources can be used to understand history.

1-9, 17-245 (available for purchase as a photocopy from the History Faculty Library). What are the main features of classical approach as a theory of organization ? The course has three objectives: Candidates will be required to show understanding of the following: Please note that the options listed above are illustrative and may be subject to change. We reflect on the pedagogical challenges highlighted by students and its implications for (re)designing the economics curriculum. State and explain approaches to study of history of economic thought. The last theme is the particularly western way in which ‘the history of art’ has been conceived. By what means have women been excluded from formal political structures, and what varieties of informal power have they exercised? They will be invited to explore the main characteristics of the so-called ‘new history’ (nueva historia) that Vicens Vives inaugurated in close dialogue with the Annales school, as well as considering his wider contacts with other historians both in Spain and abroad, including Sir John Elliott. International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education. Despite the brevity of Einhard’s Vita (a mere 40 pages in Penguin) every phrase bristles with undertones and allusions; the extent of Einhard’s debt to classical writers and the significance of what he does and does not say have continued to generate enormous scholarly attention and debate. In the course of these students will be introduced to the grand theories of economic development expounded by Adam Smith, Robert Malthus and Karl Marx; the ways in which historians have sought to apply, refine, or refute these grand theories in the light of evidence from different times and places can be closely assessed.

This topic will introduce students to many of the different types of surviving evidence for ancient and capes (crop-marks revealed through air photography; pottery-scatters through field-survey; modern topographical features; etc.). This topic examines questions such as when did mass prosperity originate? 1. This paper outlines an innovative redesign of a course on the History of Economic Thought, which acted as a vehicle for exposing students to different theoretical traditions and engaging them in critical reflections on neoclassical economics. Vicens Vives’s Aproximación a la historia de España, first published in 1952, is one of the most important reflections on the history of Spain never written. State and explain approaches to study of history of economic thought. Outline the qualities of good statistical enquiries.

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