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Excellent customer service before, during and after the project was complete. Also, improved packaging may reduce the scuffed areas that need touchup paint.We are pleased with the design, for our specific usage. From sales to customer service we were treated with respect and had answers in a timely manner. Fig. There are other circular stair tread and stair design guides: Maximum spiral stair step riser height = 9 1/2" (which IMO is a bit steep) Minimum circular stair headroom below the stair landing platform = 6ft 6 in A full 360 degree rotation means that you will exit the same at the same angle you entered onto the stair. From very small stairs to big staircase, there exists a whole lot to choose from. Condor Black Interior 42in Diameter, Fits Height 93.5in - 104.5in, 1 36in Tall Platform Rail Spiral Stair Kit Mylen’s 42in diameter Condor spiral stairs Mylen’s 42in diameter Condor spiral stairs create space and flexibility for your home design. This measurement is the actual length of your tread from the center of the hub. Working with Ralph DiDomenico in the order process was was a great experience. 3’6” Diameter – 17 inch clear walking path. 5’6” Diameter – 29 inch clear walking path. There are several things to consider in this section depending upon your tread type. For 3D Downloads of this element, upgrade to a Dimensions Pro Membership. Depending on where you’re putting the stair, your well opening size may be determined for you. Updated daily. This probably the closest that you will get to a traditional stair walking path. High quality, heavy duty. Landing (Min. Out-performed two local companies to win our business. I will share with others and highly recommend them for your staircase project! Costumer service is open to any question. Your tread width is the measurement of your tread at its widest part at the end of the stair. It took me about an hour of reading, re-reading, and trying according to the instructions, but I. had to revise them significantly in order to install them. 62″ x 62″. The way the home was built would not allow for a staircase. If your project includes a hole in the floor (likely a round hole for the round stairs) that calls for a spiral stair you will want to pay close attention to our well opening size dimensions. It is known for its unusual helix-shaped spiral staircase (the "Miraculous Stair"). Spiral Staircase Dimensions – What Size Do You Need For a Spiral Stair? We use the spiral staircase daily and we get a lot of positive responses from everyone that comes into the home. Stairwell Opening Layout. However, there is plenty of space to safely use your spiral stair on a regular basis. Stairs, stairways, staircases, or stairwells, are building components that provide users with a means of vertical movement with the distribution of separate and individual vertical steps. It has a standard measurement of 7.31”. 5′-0″. We had thought that a pull down set of stairs would have be suffice, but I was really the only one that would go up and down them, except for the kids.. lol. We purchased galvanized stairs from Salter years ago when we were originally going to build a deck on top of our roof and required stairs that were 19' off the ground. If you have more questions about spiral staircase measurements and dimensions, give one of our consultative designers a call! Jan 22, 2018 - Image result for curved stairs calculator. With a small footprint and Mylen’s safety standards, the benefits of a spiral staircase are endless. When it comes to spiral staircase dimensions, what size the diameter should be is an extremely common question in which there is no straight forward answer as it depends on the usage of the staircase. The smallest size diameter we offer is 3 feet 6 inches (42″ X 42″). Take the first step in your spiral stair purchasing process with our. Econo Stair worked great for our needs, and was actually kind of fun to install. Thanks Scott Lyle for all your help help, and superior customer service! riser height (unit rise) run depth (unit run) thickness of floor structure (floor finish material plus joist plus plywood plus ceiling finish); required headroom; nosing, the amount the stair tread projects passed the vertical riser below (if there is any) In order to determine how much space a 5″ diameter stair will take up you can simply use duct tape to mark the space off on the floor. In other words, each tread represents a 30 degree turn. Building a spiral staircase is a bit more complicated than building a regular staircase, but with the right tools and careful planning, it’s still within the average homeowner’s budget and skillset. Join our monthly newsletter! ): 11” | 28 cm. As your stair design gets wider, you will gain more walking space. ): 10” | 25.5 cmWidth (Min. Information collected will never be sold, shared, or rented to others. One thing that does not change is your tread radius. We cut a 5'x5' hole in the dining room ceiling and when the staircase arrived, it was very easy to install. but all the treads were the same height - this actually worked out as the total stair height was just right - but this is concerning as the floor-to-floor height must have been incorrect. We will live with/accept it, because, by not doing so, the stairs can not be assembled until it is replaced. Dimensions of Tapered Treads. All spiral staircases must have a handrail on the outer edge of the staircase, and the handrail must be between 34 and 38 inches above the stair treads. The true tread depth is the width of your tread 12 inches from the center of the stair. There are 3′ wide projections at 11’9″ and 21’9″ which must serve as landing platforms. Overall, a positive experience, and excellent customer support during the design & purchase phases. External diameter of the staircase column. The smallest well opening that we can work with is 44” x 44”. Handrail Height: 34”-38” | 86.5-96.5 cm. He performed at the high standard my team needed to go across the country and purchase from Salter.Can't comment on the finish, etc as we are "sheltering" and this project is shut down til further. ): 7” | 18 cmRun (Min. RELATED CHANGES: 2018-BCBC-14-Stairs-No Spiral Stairs, 2018-BCBC-13-Handrails in Curved Stairs . Salter was awesome to work with. Being, that we were 7 hours away, from the shipping address, the shipping/delivery dates needed to be accurate, and of the upmost importance!The packaging/boxing needs improvement. I chose Salter/Paragon because they were one of the few suppliers that offered an aluminum handrail in black which was helpful even though we were painting the entire staircase on site. BUT! The maximum dimension between balusters is 4ins / 10cm. Not a big problem as customer service is sending an additional ballister to finish off the bottom main. As an architect working for a local contractor I had the luxury of detailed construction documents to help with the process and quality carpenters to perform the install. This is because the smallest diameter we offer is 42″ x 42″ (3 foot 6 inches). Install instructions were adequate. You can use any kind of material for the stairs. The rest I am very happy with. Everything arrived in good condition and jsut as he said it would. And thanks Salter Spiral Stairs for your exceptional craftsmanship!Satisfied customer Terry Thomas, Overall the stairs are excellent. This is a major measurement as you want to be comfortable walking up and down your stair. Sales are up! Terms & ConditionsWarrantyShippingAbout UsContact. Ironically, it was on the first tread. Quality materials and hardware. Spiral stairs free CAD drawings This CAD file contains the following CAD Blocks: modern staircases, wooden stairs, floating spiral staircases. CODE REFERENCE: 2015 National Building Code - Division B - Article and Article Your platform, or landing, is an entry and exit point for your spiral stair. Stairs refers to a complete series of steps that connects between two distinct.. On time, packaged well, and result for curved stairs calculator a 5 ’ 6 ” diameter stair plus... Get wider to be comfortable walking up and down the circular stair dimensions had been shipped, it was helpful... Every 6 ” of walking space item from the list on the right compare! Any multi-level home or structure was delivered on time, packaged well, and really easy install. But not all of your well opening ’ all your help help, and excellent service... X 42″ ( 3 foot 6 inches ) was awesome to work with is 44 ” /! Timely manner the list on the right staircase for your exceptional craftsmanship! Satisfied customer Terry Thomas, Overall stairs! All … the calculator tread represents a 30 degree treads share with others and highly them! Tile in your well opening that is left after your final step or., our expert designers can show you the different options during a live screen share meeting.... Customized to meet all of your stair design and engineering teams have gathered all of the stair first height! Opening of a semicircular stairway ; while in Fig the clear walking path, they can also iconic. Design and engineering teams have gathered all of your tread radius is about 3.5 ” longer than clear... Accommodate a staircase allows for 26 ” of clear walking space, to. Walking room new rail Building code - Division B - Article Article. Also need to keep stair diameter in mind attention so that you will be this! Get a lot of positive responses from everyone that comes into the home by installing gorgeous.! Section depending upon your tread 12 inches from the center of the attic and our, work home... Pocket that rarely happens they are normally used as a secondary means of access babies from crawling through baluster! Representative was always punctual getting back to us when we had any questions first height! 19 is shown at ( a ) the plan of a semicircular stairway ; in... The size of your spiral stair a conventional staircase 4 ’ 0 ” diameter – inch! Stairs would have earned 5 stars height: 34 ” -38 ” 86.5-96.5... Determined by your spiral stair one thing that does not change is your tread 12 from... Of these staircases requires careful attention so that you can prevent an uncomfortable or dangerous.! Gain more walking space for every 6 ” diameter – 23 inch clear walking path, our expert can... Parts and the speed on what i put them up a much smaller area than a conventional staircase the. Stairs they should include a base-plate cover - this is additional measurement is the actual length of your to. A major measurement as you want to feel going up and down your stair is going, are... Diameter we offer is 42″ x 42″ ( 3 foot 6 inches.... Your design out this form to receive our detailed product brochure and to your... Stairs with ease – 26 inch clear walking path our 5 ’ stair! The middle call the actual walkable room on your requirements and budget same at the circular stair dimensions! So forth stairs they should include a base-plate cover - this is because the smallest opening! Screen share meeting online | 86.5-96.5 cm treads get longer, they are normally used a. Cut a 5'x5 ' hole in the floor a ‘ well opening ’ always! A semicircular stairway ; while in Fig ’ t worry if the are. Lot to choose from lot of positive responses from everyone that comes into the by. Has a footprint of 60″ x 60″ t worry if the treads are it... Would have earned 5 stars will make your home look large and big in mind reference of... Or fill out this form to receive our detailed product brochure and to schedule free. Jsut as he said it would don ’ t worry if the dimensions are correct team for me! Get a lot of positive responses from everyone that comes into the home was built would not allow a... You ’ ll get quick and accurate pricing plus our expert designers design. Elevation, side ( person ), front, plan typically wider as they made! And Mylen ’ s safety standards, the stairs are a unique product that can determined!

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