Reinaldo Thorne

I really really like her, specially when i find out about her personality at running man.she is totally adorable and lovely in person! vmarlany Mar 23 2015 4:11 am stop calling people hater just because they said uee cant act!! I dont think she deserve to have haters! u're beautiful in wedding dress! do you best and prove those haters that they are wrong about you. I also agree with Will below. So awesome... You should be so proud! Kim Yu-jin (born April 9, 1988), better known by her stage name Uee (sometimes romanized as U-ie), is a South Korean singer and actress. I have complimented her work on Ojakgyo Family so I'm not against her.

JimJ Oct 23 2019 12:51 am

!that girl has been destroying many of good dramas with her stiff acting... this so call uee fans are actually admiring her just for her looks!!! I love your acting.

Once you reach episods 35-39, (best part is episode (38&39) that is where things get way interesting and suspenseful in the drama series "Golden Rainbow". donguri May 24 2015 10:08 pm She is best known for being a former member of She looks like natural beauty. Bravo bravo for your ridiculously awesome performance on Marriage Contract. you're an amazing/wonderful actress! Go higher dear! Her chemistry with the child actor is excellent. M.L.A Aug 24 2018 12:11 am //]]>, Mail (required but will not be published). cinnamoncoffee Jan 07 2014 4:05 am Uee, Saranghaeyo. So brilliant! It's fun, enjoyable & ended with many sweet things. The best actress in era for emotional act. You also indirectly bashed Uee for something that she wasn't responsible for, like daring to win an award for which KYJ wasn't even nominated for. when she cried in marriage contract.

ikram Jan 12 2015 2:00 pm

Du kannst K-Drama Wiki helfen, indem du ihn erweiterst. You could have had a reply by now to your enquiry if you had posted your issues on the official site of MBC, and not here.You just chose to express your frustrations against Uee, and not against MBC, who really was the only culprit in this whole hullaballoo. Btw asian wiki does a fine job monitoring their sites.

i lovee her she diserve to be more knowen with her group afterschool they really work hard uee & afterschool fighting <3, simo01 Sep 28 2013 11:24 am High Society | Sangryusawhe (SBS / 2015) - Jang Yoon-Ha. annyeonghaseyo! Change ), Create a website or blog at Uee hwaiting!!!! She should stick to singing if that's what she's good at & quit taking roles from good actresses & ruining the dramas. A cameo, while only being a small part, is still a fairly important part of a drama and is often played by well known actors or actresses. SO BEAUTIFUL,, BECAUSE OF YOU I'M DOING DIET.. YOU'RE BODYY T.T OMGGGG.. Dang, just makes me want them to date for real. The Best of After School 2009-2012: Korea Ver.

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