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She is an audiovisual entertainment synthesizer capable of projecting complex holograms.

Check out our list of the greatest animated music videos, Not only is the live-action movie actually a thing, but the trio are crowdsourcing crucial elements from casting to costume design: “It’s sort of like Kickstarter,” Chu says, “but instead of asking for your money, we’re asking for your creativity.”. Project: Synergy is a fan-friendly, movie project of the Live Action JEM & The Holograms.

Jem and the Holograms Music Video, 5 Clips & New Photos, Universal Pictures 2015 Fall Movie Preview with New Photos, Mythrol Returns in The Mandalorian Season 2 Teaser, New Trailer Coming Monday, Small Group of Disneyland Employees Rally to Pressure California Governor Into Reopening Park, Hubie Halloween Harley Quinn Cameo Gets Boston News Anchor Fired. She and her three sisters begin a journey where they will discover that some talents are too special to be kept hidden. hated anything, right?

Though Synergy tried to stop Silica's scheme and protect The Holograms, Silica overpowered her. Techrat, while trying to hack into The Holograms' network to find out their secret and ruin them, discovered that Synergy has a flaw. © Watchr Media • All rights reserved, The Martian Regains Box Office Domination in Its 4th Week. Jem and the Holograms, based on the iconic Hasbro animated TV series, is written byRyan Landels and produced by Jon M. Chu, Jason Blum for Blumhouse Productions, Scooter Braun, Bennett Schneir, Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis. Based on the hit animated TV series from the 1980s, director Jon M. Chu's adaptation brings this beloved character back to life on the big screen for the first time. Synergy is the anthropomorphic representation of a super computer built by The Holograms's father, Emmett. The Holograms's father, Emmett Benton, built a sophisticated supercomputer, which none of the family were aware of, hidden in a secret room behind a Jukebox in the family's home recording studio. Their efforts finally paid off when it officially …

Want more Rolling Stone? “This is not a contest; this is actually how we’re putting things together.” There will be more “assignments” in coming weeks, with producers keeping fans up to date at the film’s website.

Will Jem And The Holograms 2 ever happen? This is shaping up to be one of the most competitive weekends at the box office. Plot – A small-town girl is catapulted from the world of underground videos to that of the world's superstars. No idea what that is? The latest footage reveals that Jerrica's (Aubrey Peeples) father was working on a mysterious invention, which he would have shown her when she's older, had he not passed away. ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Trailer #2 Unlocks the Power of Synergy. A young girl goes from small-town obscurity to worldwide fame in the first trailer for Universal's Jem and the Holograms, in … Synergy had her own doll released by Hasbro. Jem and the Holograms Trailer #2 Unlocks the Power of Synergy. As revealed in one episode, she was programed with the personality, appearance and voice based on the likeness of Jacqui Benton. This is not a joke: Justin Bieber‘s manager Scooter Braun, G.I. It would be dangerous if a powerful A.I. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC.,

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