She also appeared in Batman alongside Tallulah Bankhead in one episode “Black Widow Strikes Again” (1967) Given the specific circumstances, General Order 7 was rescinded, and Pike allowed to live the rest of his life with Vina and the Talosians. As the series progressed, there was a marked decrease in the appearances of the Taelons' true forms and the "blush" that was originally the only signal of a change in emotion. As of 2257 Talos IV was considered restricted space. These original Talosians were the first to come underground on Talos IV. Capt. Though the Taelons can take physical form, they are beings of energy.

The Taelons are an alien species from the Meruva Galaxy. After some hesitation, Burnham willingly shared those memories, and the Talosians were able to heal Spock. Pike resisted, however, and the Talosians abducted two female Enterprise crew members as alternative mates for Pike: Number One and Yeoman J.M. Many Talosians were affected by the Meme Virus, as were many telepathic races within the Federation.

The Talosian Keeper has the distinction of being the first villain filmed (but not aired) in the history of Star Trek. Ambassador Spock was summoned again to witness this change. Number One and Colt were returned to the Enterprise, but Pike remained just long enough to learn Vina's rationale for remaining - she had been severely disfigured in the Columbia crash, and although the Talosians were able to repair her injuries to keep her alive, they were unable to restore her appearance except through illusory means. She played the first-ever villain in Star Trek, the Talosian "Keeper" in the pilot episode, "The Cage" (1964). Over 100,000 years ago, the Talosians fought a nuclear war, leaving most of the planet's surface uninhabitable. His voice for The Keeper had to be electronically pitch-altered so the audience wouldn't recognize it as the same actor who played Mendez.

In 2257 Michael Burnham brought a mentally disabled Spock to Talos IV. They are descendants of the Atavus. Colt.

Given the extreme threat of the Talosians' powers of illusion, Starfleet issued General Order 7, forbidding any travel to Talos IV, under penalty of death. Taelons also could not be harmed the way a human would. With Jeffrey Hunter, Susan Oliver, Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett.

In "The Cage", Meg Wyllie's voice was edited out and dubbed over with Malachi Throne's voice. The Talosians were played by women and voiced by men to give them an androgynous feel. Upon beaming to the surface Pike was telepathically granted the illusion of full health and strength. (SA comic: "Telepathy War"). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Talosians are an ancient race of humanoids native to planet Talos IV. However, Throne expressed interest in playing Spock, but Leonard Nimoy was already contracted to play the part by then. Star Trek: Discovery (TV Series 2017– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

They kidnapped Captain Christopher Pike in an effort to provide Vina with a mate.

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